Mihaela Malita TEACHING

Teaching at Smith College 2020-2021-:
  • CSC212 Programming with Data Structures (Java)
  • CSC106 Introduction to Computing and the Arts (Processing)
    Teaching at Saint Anselm College 2004-2020:
  • CS101 Digital Literacy (Microsoft Office)
  • CS111 Computing I (C++, Processing, Python)
  • COS112 Computing II (C++)
  • COCS105/CS211 Data structures (C++)
  • CS205 Fundamentals and Issues of Using the Internet
  • CS310 Advanced Algorithms (C++)
  • CS311 Theory of Computation
  • CS325 Operating systems
  • CS19/CS343 Programming Paradigms
  • CS355/CS255 Introduction to Computer Graphics (Python,Processing)
  • CS360 Artificial Intelligence (Lisp/Prolog)
  • CS450 Introduction to Bioinformatics (Perl)
  • CS450 Intro to Data Visualization
    Teaching at St. Mary's College 2001-2003:

  • COSC130 Computer Programming 2
  • COSC260 Artificial Intelligence
  • COSC351 Programming languages
  • COSC360 Natural Language Processing
  • COSC470 BioInformatics
  • MATH131 Survey of Mathematics
  • MATH200 Discrete Mathematics
    Teaching at Smith College:
  • 2003 Fall: COSC250 Foundations of Computer Science
  • 2001 Spring: CS262 Operating Systems