Mihaela Malita

RACKET (Scheme) - Class Examples 2017

Tested on RACKET version 6.9 (SCHEME dialect) WORK in PROGRESS! You are invited to improve and add your own code. and old SCHEME report
  • ack addall addUpTo alphabet and append area ascii assoc
  • bag
  • checkall collectInts comb continue count1 count2 count3 count4
  • days2seconds depth dotimes
  • ec2 ec2bis expert
  • fact factor fib fibrec fibseq files files0 files1 filter find findgpa flatten foreach func funcargs
  • gcd gensym graphics graphics2 guessing_number_game guessinggame
  • histogram
  • intersection intlist
  • lambdaex last length listDo list-position log logic logictables loop
  • macro macros macrowhen makeor fill map mapall mapex member menu min minargs multall multiplylist
  • nth or (list-ref n L) neighbors
  • occur
  • pairs pascal power primes prerequisites primes pythagora
  • random1 removeall reverse reverseall remove_dup
  • search sets sort subst substall substfirst
  • take timer tree treesort
  • vectors
  • yesorno words