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		Verify if a word is a palindrome.

		Palindrome - a word or phrase that reads the same backward as forward. 
		See how many there are:  Palindrome List

		Examples (in English): deified, racecar
		Examples (in Romanian): cojoc, sas, capac, rar 

?- reverse([a,b,c,d],X). X = [d,c,b,a] ?- reverse([g,u,e,s,s],X). X = [s,s,u,e,g] ?- palindrome([r,a,c,e,c,a,r]). yes ?- palindrome([l,o,v,e]). no palindrome(L):- reverse(L,L). my_reverse([],[]). my_reverse([H|T],R):- my_reverse(T,T1),append(T1,[H],R).