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			?- area.
			Radius |: 1.
			Area is 3.14
			Circumference is 6.28
		area:- write('Radius '),read(R),
		        write('Area is '),A is 3.14*R*R,write(A),nl,
		        write('Circumference is '),C is 2*3.14*R,write(C),nl.

?- start. Radius= |: 1. Circumference is 6.28 Area is 3.14 start:- radius(R), circ(R,C),write('Circumference is '),write(C),nl, area(R,A),write('Area is '),write(A). radius(R):- write('Radius= '),read(R). circ(R,C):- C is 2*3.14*R. area(R,A):- A is 3.14*R*R.